We fully understand that the person that knows your business best, is probably you; so, we use that knowledge to develop a marketing strategy that helps you to target the right customers and market your brand, products and services with materials that stimulate a response and then lead to increased uptake.

That's all marketing is really - the process of determining the needs and wants of customers or consumers and being able to promote and provide products or services that satisfy those needs and wants. The most important part in the process of developing marketing materials for our clients is for us to really understand the business in as much depth as possible. It’s best to start with market research, which informs us of those needs and wants. Then we use our graphic design skills to make the product or service desirable to the 'market' by delivering impactful messages in the most appropriate mediums. 

It is impossible to ignore internet marketing in this day and age, but a mix of printed literature, advertising and promotion can’t be forgotten. Creative design agencies rely on clear information from their clients; Jenko is great at listening, so, when we collaborate with our clients, we get the best outcomes for the budget spent. So pop in for a coffee, and let’s have a chat.

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